New Oceania Poetry Interviews | Essay Press | Interview with curator Craig Santos Perez

APAture Literary Showcase: Featured Artist Interview with curator Sean Labrador Y Manzano

On A Bell Made of Stones: A First Book Interview with Lehua M. Taitano | LitBridge


Other Media and Reviews

Here for the Unicorn Blood: A Queer POC Poetry Reader |A Review of “Low Mountain Lake Song” | Novel Niche

Yellow Rabbits Review #21: Sonoma by Lehua M. Taitano | Greg Bem

“Party Like It’s 1898!” URAYOÁN NOEL | Sonoma review

Kuwentuhan: On Event, Scene, Thing, Publication” | Barbara Jane Reyes

Lingering Notes of Colonialsm and Homesickness in Poetry Center Display” | Cecelie Lyngberg | Golden Gate XPress

Podcast: SF State Poetry Center Hosts Kuwentuhan Talkstories| Cecelie Lyngberg | Golden Gate XPress

Cultivating Conversations” | Will Caron, an interview with TinFish Press editor Susan M. Schultz |INonolulu

The Contaminated Essay Contest | Lia Purpura |  dislocate

“Reticulation — an absolute stand out. The author so naturally enacts ideas and the seemingly simple language is precisely right for the complex and multilayered tasks she assigns it. I loved the modest/conjecturing voice up against the certainty and order of the grid and the way the author discovers and then makes use of points/complications. I was ready to feel distracted by the visual grid underlying but then I wasn’t, after all. It sort of taught me to remain open to other elements that I’d assume would be ancillary to the language.”

Aiming High: The Impossible Ambitions of Versal” | Sam Ruddick | Luna Park

“The success of ‘Suit’ is largely dependent on its sense of humor. Standing on the corner in a gorilla suit is a predicament so far flung from being a child soldier: it’s absurd. How can we, as readers, take a lady in a gorilla suit seriously? It’s a cosmic joke played on the character, and in that way, it reminds me a little of Milan Kundera’s The Joke, or The Unbearable Lightness of Being. As absurdity goes, the sheer silliness of our lives, the gorilla suit signifies an abandonment of identity both advantageous and pathetic. I have no experience with gorilla suits or child soldiering, myself, but I think it’s reasonable to suspect that standing around in a gorilla suit is better than being coerced into shooting people, or getting shot at.”


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