(forthcoming) Red Ink Journal |  “One Way to Predict the Future,””Enchanted Rock, Texas,” “A Walnut Tree,” “A Night Crowded With Night”

Indigenous Literatures from Micronesia|University of Hawai’i Press | “Guahan,” short fiction

Fence | Volume 34 | “Spectator,” “A Curse Dismantled via a Facile Understanding of Photonics”

Lit Hub | New Poetry by Queer Indigenous Women | edited by Natalie Diaz| “Come Sit Around This Stone,” “Low Mountain Lake Song”

Kinalamten Gi Pasifiku (Insights from Oceania)| “A Love Letter to the Chamoru People in the Twenty-first Century”

Hawai’i Review“Capacity” an e-chapbook


Kartika Review  |Asian/Pacific Island Writingscape Commentary |An essay: “In This Current Era”

Nevertheless, #She Persisted | Locofo Chapbook, edited by Barbara Jane Reyes | “hyphenation” , “Kituwah”

A Transpacific Poetics | edited by Sawako Nakayasu and Lisa Samuels | Selected poems from A Bell Made of Stones


Poetry Magazine | “One Kind of Hunger”

Narrative Witness: Indigenous Peoples Australia/United States | International Writing Program, University of Iowa | “Makahna” (short fiction)


Oxalis (Dropleaf Press) | “An Oiled Groove,” “Your Distraction Was Mechanism”


Storyboard: A Journal of Pacific Imagery |“Kituwah,” | Volume 12 | The University of Guam

Witness | Selected poems from Actions | The Black Mtn. Institute

The Anthology of Indigenous Writers of Micronesia | Fiction: “Ghuåhan”


Platte Valley Review | Selected poems from Actions | Volume 33

The Offending Adam | “Banana Queen,” “Letters from an Island”
Volume 083

Nano Fiction | “Just Because I Was Sleeping Does Not Mean I Dreamed It” Volume 4.2


The Fiction at Work Biannual Report|”Goliath”

Tinfish Journal | Selected poems | Volume 20

dislocate | Nonfiction: “Reticulation,” Contaminated Essay Contest Winner| Issue 6


Versal | “Suit” | Issue VII

Fiction at Work | “Goliath” | July 1st Edition