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Art 25: Art in the 25th Century is a dynamic collective comprised of artists Lisa Jarrett (Portland, OR) Lehua M. Taitano (Santa Rosa, CA), and Jocelyn Kapumealani Ng (Honolulu, HI). It is the culmination of years (and ancestral lifetimes) of shared curiosity, vision, and an outright insistence to see their culture thrive within contemporary art. Art 25 investigates how Indigenous and Black art lives in the 21st century and collaborates with contemporary artists worldwide who envision how it will flourish in the 25th century and beyond. In forming a future archive, the collective interrogates historical access, curation, collection, consumption, and preservation of Indigenous and Black art and culture.

Future Ancestors:

Art 25’s debut exhibition, Future Ancestors, opened fall of 2019 at Orí Gallery in Portland, Oregon, with additional dates forthcoming in Hawai’i and San Francisco in 2020. Jarrett and Taitano traveled to O’ahu, Hawai’i, to talk story and collaborate with artist Jocelyn Kapumealani Ng in her community of Honolulu. Together they focused on physical transformation, incorporating cultural mythologies, embodiments, and projections that represent present-day Future Ancestors. By imagining and embodying these roles the artists claim their ancestral histories and simultaneously construct a contemporary conversation about survival and representation across borders, space, and time. The exhibit at Orí Gallery will include large-scale photographs that document their interactions as well as audio recordings of their story.  

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Listen to the Future Ancestors Sound Installation 

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