sound, meaning, rhythm: projects

The Unburden Project

The Unburden Project began as one of eight interactive somatic poetry stations in the visual art installation An Aberrational Poetics: Inside Me an Island Shaped W/hole, a collaboration with artist Lisa Jarrett for the Smithsonian Institute’s Asian Pacific Arts Center. “Unburden” debuted at ‘Ae Kai: A Culture Lab on Convergence, a pop-up museum at the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawai’i, in July of 2017.  Somatic poetry stations invited participants to interact with organic vegetable and herb seedlings, asking them to consider the ways humans have forgotten to (or choose not to) communicate with plants. “Unburden” specifically asked participants to consider a secret they have been harboring that has had negative impacts on their emotional health, to write down that secret on a slip of rice paper, and to ultimately crumple the paper and deposit it in a bucket of organic soil. The soil was then added to a compost pile at one of O’ahu’s local organic farms–Ho’oulu Aina–where its decomposition contributed to the growth of new plants, and whereby participants’ emotional distress could be alleviated via the creative energy of new plant growth.

“Unburden” continues as an ongoing somatic poetry project, at poetry readings an art venues to which the artist/s are invited to participate.

“Unburden” at the Smithsonian Institute’s Asian Pacific Arts Culture Lab: ‘Ae Kai


108 Poems of the Breath

108 Poems of the Breath is an in-progress collection of somatic video poems taken while engaging in breathing exercises inherent to the practice of Tai Chi Chuan. Specific to this series, the breathing pattern used is adopted from the Yang family Tai Chi Chuan 108 posture set, from the lineage of Master Kai Ying Tung, as taught to the artist by Michelle Semet.

“108 Poems of the Breath: Fifty-five”



The Stainless Series

Self portraits from the Stainless Series are part of an in-progress and open-ended collection of photographs in which the subject is reflected on various stainless steel or *apparently stainless steel objects.


“The Stainless Series: Sculpturez”


*to the artist, on first inspection

Workplace Ephemera

Photographs in the Workplace Ephemera series depict spaces and objects within the property of the artist’s place of employment, a retail space that sells equipment and clothing marketed toward consumers who use the outdoors as a place of recreation and leisurely pursuits. It is an examination of art making during state-and-federally mandated break or meal break periods in a corporate space in which job duties do not include the making of art. The hourly rate of pay at this place of employment is $16.80/hour.

“Workplace Ephemera: A Study in Self Surveillance ‘It Never Ends'”